New Member’s Registration

New Member’s Registration


To register with Anjuman-e-Ezzi Washington DC jamaat, please contact Aliasgar Bhai Gadiwalla (410-960-2904 /

Mumineen Database in Ejamaat

To get registered please contact one of the following mumineen:

1>  Qusai Bhai Poonawala (313-384-0826 /
2>  Mustafa Bhai Kanchwala (240-529-4705 /
3>  Shk Adnan Bhai Yusuf Bhai Basrai (301-460-5266 /

Ejamaat Photo Requirement

  • 1. Photo should be strictly in QUAMI LIBAS (kurta, saya & topi / rida).
  • 2. Photo should be taken with GREY background only.
  • 3. Photo should cover 85% of HEAD (A colored photo include full face, front view, open eyes, and should be in the CENTER OF THE FRAME and face the camera directly).
  • 4. Size 25 X 30 mm with a resolution 300 DPI (dots per inch and above) and Photo Size should be upto 70 KB Max.
  • 5. Scanned photo is not allowed only DIGITAL PHOTO will be allowed.
  • 6. Gents should wear only TOPI even if they are mashaik (NO Paghari / Feta is allowed).
  • 7. No flash shadow should appear in the photo.
  • 8. If mumin bhai / ben are wearing spectacle, then there should be NO FLASH REFLECTION.
  • 9. There is no stamp, staple or signature mark on the photo.
  • 10. Photo should be in ambient light.
  • 11. Color of the kurta & saya / rida should not be GREY or GOLDEN.
  • 12. Digitally altered photo is not acceptable.