Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

We, the mumineen of Anjuman-e-Ezzi, Washington D.C, are very grateful that Aqa Moula (TUS) has blessed us with Deeni Maraakiz in which a Madrasah has been established for our children.  It is very important for all of us to acknowledge and value the importance and benefits of our Deeni teaching institution as we do with our regular schools.

We sincerely request parents and guardians to abide by the rules and regulations outlined below. We would also like you to advise and support your child(ren) to follow entirely by the rules and regulations. May Allah Subhanahu grant our Moula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS) a healthy life ta roze Qiyamat. Aameen!


  • Regular sessions are held on Saturday’s 9:00am – 2:15pm. *Wednesday classes at select locations. Additional information will be provided via email*.
  • Children must be dropped at least five minutes before the start of the Dua. **Only online classes until further notice**
  • Please do not pick up your child(ren) before Madrasah ends. If you are requesting an early release, intend on coming late, or are absent please follow instructions in Absence policy below.


  • It is absolutely critical to communicate all absences, late arrival or early dismissal requests.

Use the link:

Dress Code:

  • Dikrao must wear Saya Kurta, Izaar and Topi.
  • Dikrio must wear Jabla, Izaar, Dupatta or Topi.


  • Proper behavior in and out of class, respect for teachers, and one another is expected.
  • Parents must encourage their children to follow rules and instructions given by madrasah.

Jaman Turn:

**No jaman turn scheduling at this time since the school is operating online**

Please sign up for your Jaman turn latest by September 21st (1 jaman minimum per enrolled farzand).

Use the link:


  • Homework must be completed on time, and checked by parents before submission.
  • Children should spend at least one hour per day for practice lessons and memorizations.
  • **It is important to note that Madrasah is a place to learn new lessons, and home is the place to revise and memorize those lessons all year around.


  • Please ensure that your child(ren) bring all textbooks, supplies, homework and notebooks to the Madrasah.